Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day # 2 - Plyometric Cardio (part 1)

Today was not a really good day. Well, the upside was I am now wearing my shoes while working out. The downside was the asthma attack that ensued.

It started out great. I was working up a great deal of sweat. But it was starting to get harder when Shaun T asked us to pick up our pace. And then he asked us to go even faster. I stopped when needed to catch my breath but I got back in.

However, when the time showed 34 mins left of the workout, my breath started to come in gasps and my chest tightened bad. When I heard myself wheezing, I knew I had to find my inhaler. I called to hubby and he took one look at me and started rummaging through my bag for my inhaler. After taking the two puffs with great difficulty, I could breathe again. Even though my breaths came in gulps.

Hubby then ordered me to stop for the night. I looked crestfallen. So he said, I can do the same workout again the next day. 

I know that this means taking two days doing the same workout. But I know my limitations and will try to adjust accordingly. The important thing is, I stick to it.

One thing for sure. I am starting to feel sore all over my body, especially in my calves and thighs. But I relish in the pain. Because it means I am definitely working out.

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  1. Deel...the same thing happened to me dulu masa buat for those 4 short days. But after pam, I continued... 34min left? Seriously? Hw many min per workout?

    The soreness n pain is a good sign. Remember the biggest loser? By the 2nd week the pain is barely there. X wait to join u!!!