Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day # 2 - Plyometric Cardio (part 1)

Today was not a really good day. Well, the upside was I am now wearing my shoes while working out. The downside was the asthma attack that ensued.

It started out great. I was working up a great deal of sweat. But it was starting to get harder when Shaun T asked us to pick up our pace. And then he asked us to go even faster. I stopped when needed to catch my breath but I got back in.

However, when the time showed 34 mins left of the workout, my breath started to come in gasps and my chest tightened bad. When I heard myself wheezing, I knew I had to find my inhaler. I called to hubby and he took one look at me and started rummaging through my bag for my inhaler. After taking the two puffs with great difficulty, I could breathe again. Even though my breaths came in gulps.

Hubby then ordered me to stop for the night. I looked crestfallen. So he said, I can do the same workout again the next day. 

I know that this means taking two days doing the same workout. But I know my limitations and will try to adjust accordingly. The important thing is, I stick to it.

One thing for sure. I am starting to feel sore all over my body, especially in my calves and thighs. But I relish in the pain. Because it means I am definitely working out.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day #1 - Fit Test

And so it begins. The insane journey. Thank God I have hubby to do it with, and Syeela has the boys to do it with.

Well, it's the first day. So we will start with the measurements. Despite my dying humiliation, here are my current measurements and pictures before the Insanity Beach Body...

Space is an issue here. Our apartment is only 900 square feet. The living room isn't spacious enough, so I did the fit test in hubby's study. It barely accommodated one person's workout. Since we don't have a laptop, it is hard to bring the videos elsewhere. In the meantime, we will just make do.

Looking at the fit test's score, it looked great to me at first. Then when I heard how many kicks they did in the video, I knew I was out of shape. My scores dwindled from that point as I was really struggling to even breathe through my nostrils. But hearing Shawn T's voice kept me going. It was hard, but I tried my best. 
First Fit Test (18.3.2013)

The hardest part were the power jumps and the push-up jacks. Those nearly killed me. I hurt my ankle landing on one of the power jumps. Hubby told me it was because I was not wearing shoes. I will be getting an exercise mat so I can wear shoes inside my home. I do not want any injuries. 

When it was finally over, I was so relieved, and was already sweating a river and had to sit down because I was about to throw up. My face was so flushed that hubby said he has never seen my face that red. The great thing was, I didn't even need my inhaler at all afterwards! It means I must be doing it right even though my score was low. I will try my best to improve on my next fit test. 

Despite feeling relieved, I was sad that I was done. I couldn't wait for my next workout, and see how I can push myself further.

One thing left to do... plan a healthy diet properly.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Feather Dusting Session

Fuh fuh... Ah-choooo!

Yup, my blog is that dusty. So I am taking out my feather duster and hopefully will do this chore of keeping the dust away periodically.

The Insanity Beach Body DVD (Alor Setar version)
The reason I am finally dusting away is because I am trying to boost my own enthusiasm, and thus keeping the momentum, of my new endeavor next week! Thanks to my great buddy Bobab, I now have the Insanity Beach Body DVDs!!!! Say whaaattt??? Yup!! So... to start it...

Quoting Bobab, "Now get off your butt." Wokeh bebeh! (Getting off my butt needs a few days...)
7 Jeans... Yeehaa!!

So, I am compiling some stuff which includes the workout schedule, the workout tracker and measurement tracker... Insyaallah, I will keep my progress updated so I can see when (not if) changes occur. I even bought myself four 7 jeans that don't fit for myself. Just so I can motivate myself.

I am lucky I guess coz hubby will do this with me. In the meantime, we agree to finish off the week with normal (Malaysian normal, which is not normal) meals and eating portions. Next week, we will hopefully stick to a new regime and diet. And yes Syeel, by we, I mean you as well... muahahaha...

Hopefully, my next entry will be on Sunday, which will feature my Fitness Test. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

Separation Anxiety?

It has arrived... That stage when your baby is anxious when you leave the room or move out from her sight. THat time when she gets clingy and doesn't want anyone else but you... I love it!! I love it because I feel so flattered that my baby wants me!! Every time I leave the room, or even get up to go somewhere, she will start crying and wiggle her arms at me, wanting me to pick her up...

My poor baby. SHe is actually traumatised by the hospital experience that she gets scared every time someone is with her, or just the fact that I am not there... I pray that it won't be long before her courage is restored. She is actually a very friendly baby, but now, she is scared... My poor baby... Mummy will be home soon, sayang...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Baby's Got a Boo-Boo...

Since Friday on the 8th of June, Aleesya has felt a bit hot, as in feverish. Her old Nanny said that she thinks Aleesya might be catching something. In fact, I have asked Hubby so many times if he thinks she's hot. Cause every time I put my palm to her forehead, it's hot. True enough, that weekend, her fever broke out. Her nose started running, her temperature shot up and she started coughing too. We had to go to Ipoh that weekend, and the hot weather did not help her condition.

The following week, we gave her the meds we got from the specialist previously, and continued giving her the orange fever meds. Her condition did not show any signs of improvement, so we took her to the clinic. The doctor just gave more fever, flu and cough meds. After a week of spiking fevers, we took her to the clinic again. Thank God this time it was Dr Khalid. He gave antibiotics and took Baby's blood for a lab test, to check if she has viral infection. Apart from that, she started wheezing and the doctor said what we hoped never to hear, she has asthma.

Her first neubalizer was traumatic for her. She squirmed throughout and kept looking up at me with wet, pleading eyes. How it wrenched my heart seeing her in that condition. However, she was still wheezing away, and the doctor said she will have to gas up twice a day.

On Sunday, when we were in Setiawangsa, we got a call from the clinic. The doctor told us to come down, because he got the result of the blood test and wants to talk to us about it. Hearts drumming, we drove straight down and the doctor said he needs to refer Aleesya to a specialist. One, because the blood tested positive for infection. Two, because after ten days, Aleesya's fever has not dissipated despite the meds and antibiotics. Finally, because of her asthma and chesty lungs. Huhuhu... I'm sorry, Baby...

We took her to Tawakkal Hospital and the doctor on call said that she has to be admitted and see the specialist the next day. It was definitely hard for me to hear that but I thought that after feeling so helpless the week before, I'd rather she stay at the hospital until she gets better. But I did not anticipate her getting probed by IV needles!! Hubby told me to go away and not watch while they inserted the needle in her. But I could hear her crying for me and it made me cried right where I was standing... Some nurses looked at me sympathetically.

And then it was done! Hubby called me over, and I picked her up and hugged her tight... I could feel her heart hammering away. I could only imagine the fright and pain she had to endure just minutes before. She looked at me and babbled in a teary voice, as if grieving to me what she had just gone through. I cooed to her, assuring her that Mummy's gonna be there for her, and Bapak is too...

10 minutes later, an orderly showed us to her room. We got a 2-bedded room which has some great privacy. But the night did not end yet... She was given some more gas and medicines before I could settle her in. She was still feverish, so I tucked her under the blankets. And guess who showed up after that? Wan, Tok Zak, Pakngah, Mama and Abg Nuqman!! Nuqman was asleep the entire time in his stroller though, so Aleesya didn't get to play with him. But they came back the next night and the kids had a blast!! 

I'm gonna try to account her experience there day by day while I still remember them. But mostly, it was heartwarming being able to fulfil my responsibility as a mother to my beloved little angel. I am now complete. And thank you, God, for healing my baby... She is now getting so much better... Alhamdulillah. Praise to YOU, Almighty... ♥

Me = 31

Today, I add the number1 in front of the number 3... Yup! Me and Syeela have officially turned 31 today!! I feel so sad coz I am getting older faster now. But the best thing is, I have my family!! Since my last birthday, I am now living happily with my beloved husband who loves and worships me. And not just that! God has given me the most beautiful baby girl anyone could ever ask for! I am truly blessed...

Even though today I woke up in the hospital bed beside Aleesya's sleeping form, I know I am the luckiest girl (eh? ok lah... woman) alive because I have family who loves and needs me, friends who are there when I need them and a life to look forward to. God is truly gracious.

Ok, I won't linger on the fact I just turned one year older, so here's my lunch date with my girls from the office at one of my favourite cafes, Sasana Kijang's Cafe! They treated me to a slice of cake that looks too yummy to eat! Thanks for the lunch, babes! Love you guys... 

Ms Bluebewwy, it's your turn next month... hehehe...

Me flashing my big 31 y/o smile behind that yummy slice of carrot cheese cake.

Can't resist getting a second dessert, the infamous bread pudding... RM2.50 only... Caya tak?

Yummy cake up close!

Ms Lilyberry and me... 

Fad gonna catch up with me next month... wink wink...

Me going for a slimmer angle. Didn't work. That's what you get for posing next to a slimmer girl. Sigh.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Baby is a Model!

Only 6 months old, and my baby has made the national news!! Hehe, well, actuall, her Nda used her as a model for a choking baby guidance for her newspaper report in PancaSihat in Utusan Mingguan. Originally, she wanted to use Aleesya for the whole process, but on the day of the shooting, we were not available. So they used a baby doll. But they still needed a real baby to show the main position to un-choke (??) a baby. That's where my baby comes in!!

She looks soooo adowable... with her hair clipped, she was just angelic. Well, the following pictures show the whole process, which I think all parents should learn, as it could save their baby's life...

Check it out, and let's learn together...

Pictures scanned, courtesy of http://www.myvitrd.com/2012/06/teknik-menyelamatkan-bayi-tercekik.html.

Teknik Bantuan Bayi Tercekik

♥ My baby doin' her thang! ♥

Below are the techniques we all MUST learn...

Teknik Bantuan Bayi Tercekik 1

Teknik Bantuan Bayi Tercekik 2


Panduan mangsa tercekik

Bantuan CPR pada Bayi

Don't panic!!! Read this carefully and we can save our children's lives... Insyaallah...

Panduan bantuan CPR